Devdutt Shenoi

About me

I am Devdutt, a blogger, photographer, coder and a lot more. I love to work in teams and have worked on diverse projects, both individually and in a team. I speak Konkani, English, Hindi and Malayalam in that order of preferance. A devotee to Indian Classical music, I love listening to a fusion of different Genres. My field of interest is currently a mix of IoT and Artificial Intelligence(Narrow).

My Skills

Open Source

I like to work on open usage software. I also have started some side projects to learn the workings of community based development and maintainance, I'm a Team Person. I love Community.

Web Development

Love making web apps. I run a blog and make experimental websites as a hobby. I also have done some projects in favour of groups and Non Profits. I love to design too!

App Development

Just like websites, I build apps for many platforms as well. Some of my work get out onto the respective app stores while others are going on to become just a side-project for me.